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July 25, 2004:

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Our Service Philosophy

Societies have to develop organized instruments to achieve their military, political, economic, social, religious, and intellectual objectives. The problem is that all instruments eventually become "institutionalized" that is, vested interests more committed to preserving their own perogatives than to meeting the needs for which they were created. Once this happens, change can come only through reform or circumvention of the institutions. If these fail, reaction and decline set in.

The key to the greatness of Western civilization, and its continuing capacity for reform and renewal is rooted in unique religious and philosophical convictions: that man is basically good; that there is truth, but no finite mortal has it; that we can get closer to the truth only by working together; and that through faith and good works, can we have a better life in this world and a reward in the next. These convictions gave our civilization its optimistic, pragmatic character and an unwavering belief in the possibility of positive change and that "the future can be better than the past, and each individual has a personal, moral obligation to make it so".

Carroll Quigley - Georgetown